In looking for an SEO company in California, you can quickly feel like it is the “wild-wild-west.”  The good news is that there are good California SEO expert companies out there.  But there are more who aren’t.  Maybe 90/10, which doesn’t bode well for a random search for SEO providers.  

Some California Providers Claim to Be SEO Experts and Aren’t

It sounds simple, but some California providers claim to be SEO experts and aren’t.  Because you can’t look them in the eye, the way to trudge through this is to do your due diligence.  Is there website professional, informative, and up to date?  How are their reviews on the various review platforms, like Google reviews?  Have you seen any results they have achieved with other clients?  These are essential components of doing your due diligence.

In addition to those who overpromise, don’t understand SEO, can’t deliver on what they commit to, or simply mail it in, finding a good SEO company in California can be a tall task.  With this in mind, we want to provide you some basic characteristics of what you can seek when interviewing or doing your due diligence with SEO providers. 

SEO Services are Critical for California Businesses

Before you go any further, it is fundamental that you begin with an understanding that you probably need SEO services for your California-based business.  Whether you seek local, regional, statewide, or national customers or clients, SEO is a way to invest resources and get return on investment (ROI) well beyond the time in which you are investing.  In short, SEO can get you paid.

SEO is the way in which you can get your business ranking atop Google for products or services you provide while ultimately getting the prize lead or sale from organic traffic, the cheapest and most converting traffic that exists.

You also don’t want to have a clunky, slow website that the user doesn’t benefit from, without good rich content that can make your goods and services more appealing. An SEO expert in California will take care of these issues.

Andrew Berz Digital Marketing Provides Expert SEO Services in California

At Andrew Berz Digital Marketing Services, we provide expert SEO services in California and beyond.  We are skilled SEO professionals, and the word “professional” is a word not to be taken lightly.   But don’t just take it from us…read some of our client reviews and you will get more insight into the quality of our work. 

What Do You Need in a California SEO services company?

For starters, let’s look to three primary characteristics of what I would look for in a California SEO services provider:

Your SEO Company in California Must Be an Active Grinder with an Integrated, Holistic Approach

SEO in California is a grind. The best SEO providers understand this and are up to the task. Your website is never a finished product, because Google and other search engines want a site that is constantly growing, improving, and demonstrating quality products and services to offer to their users.  

Because of this, SEO work is daily.  Building high quality organic backlinks, guest posts, business listings, creating interconnecting marketing networks that feed and enhance your visibility is not a 3-day per week activity.  

Find yourself a grinder who understands that each action can be leveraged for maximum benefit.  A post on Instagram can become a post on Facebook, a post on your Google MyBusiness page and a post on Linkedin.  A recently published blog on your website can be posted and shared all over the digital landscape.  

An ad or incentive built for Google Adwords can be used in a lot of different ways and referenced outside of just the PPC world.  These are just a few examples—make sure your California SEO services provider understands this and can give you examples or case studies of such a holistic understanding. 

Most SEO service providers do not do this, nor do many of them understand this.  At Berz Digital Marketing Services, we have a vision and an understanding—but we don’t get lost in it—we do the grind it takes to make you the most money possible.  

An SEO Expert in California Must Have Superior Technical and Design Skill

In seeking an SEO expert in California who will do both technical SEO and on-site SEO, make sure they have technical and design skill.  This is part of finding the best SEO provider possible. How do you find out if they have technical skill and design skill?

  • Ask them to see some analytics reports from past campaigns and walk you through the technical ins-and-outs of how the client’s optimization improved due to their work.  
  • Have them do a (free) design audit of your site.  What looks good to a user? What doesn’t work?  How can this affect your sales and growth?
  • Take a look a past website designs they have done.  Note that this isn’t necessarily meaningful, because each site is unique and many owners, after having an excellent site designed, try to “fix” or improve it themselves over time, destroying the original look and design intent of a website.   So viewer please beware on this recommendation.

A California SEO Company Must Understand that a Site Visitor or Traffic Is not a Sale

A California SEO company must have a singular goal in mind—to make you more money.  And ultimately, an increase in site traffic does lead to more leads and conversions. This is the SEO objective, to bring as many potential buyers seeking what you sell to your website as possible.  

But you aren’t going to judge your SEO company in California on site traffic.  You want sales, conversions, revenue.  All I can offer is to make sure that the provider knows this and always is looking for ways to increase that visibility even more, because if there are no sales, there is no SEO company services.  Your success is the only metric by which they should be judged, and it will be revenue and sales, not simply increased traffic, which will determine if they are worth their weight in gold.  

For a free consultation or more information please contact Andrew Berz Digital Marketing Services today, we are here to help.