I am lucky enough to meet with a number of different company owners, executives or managers each week regarding their desire for increasing their visibility and asking how they can avoid crisis SEO. The goal is to acquire new clients and customers. Results are the name of the game in SEO. As a business owner for more than 20 years, getting traffic to my website without sales has been a non-starter for me. I don’t see the point.

Good business owners know that digital services require more than bringing the proverbial horse to their water. And there are some fundamental questions that they can ask to get a step closer to the goals they seek. How does my website look to a new user? How is my customer service when speaking to a new prospective client? How do we compare to our competition? And most importantly, can we deliver?

At Andrew Berz SEO Services, we are judged the same way as all businesses, and ask the same questions. We are judged based upon our ability to do our work very well and have our clients benefit in line with the goals they have in mind. And when things are going well for companies, the goals are often reasonable and based upon clear thinking and the understanding of steps it will take to achieve the goals.

But then, there are crisis moments. Many companies choose to invest in SEO when things aren’t going well. They are in crisis and have known all along that problems with their website and SEO are part of the problem, and fixing them are part of the solution. But they have waited. It’s a bit like people waiting to go the a therapist or counselor until they desperately need help or are at the breaking point. Or waiting to fix a problem with a tooth we know needs repair until we are in excruciating pain. We also all know, using common sense, that if we do things proactively, often we can prevent the catastrophe. Easier said than done.

So the thought of the day (that alone makes today special) is: the best time to invest in SEO, and work on improving your website design and growing your business online is both when things are going well and when things are not going well. But it is preferable that it not be done while in crisis.

SEO is a process of using technical, engineering, design, strategy and more to make your website a place Google and major search engines want to send people searching for what you offer. No website is in a perfectly optimized state, as the environment in which our websites exist is always changing.

We provide the full range of services that get your website maximum visibility. But here are a few lessons we have picked up from clients, colleagues and mentors that can make the ride smoother:

1. Be a Boss: Don’t Take It All On Your Shoulders and Delegate!

Nearly every businessperson or professional has a major issue with this at some point in their development. Yet the most successful people understand there is no true long term sustainable growth if we try to take everything on our shoulders. Website visibility and SEO are too important to think that you, the owner or executive, can do it yourself. Don’t mistake their importance for thinking that is the reason they need to stay on your plate, and not be given to someone who can devote quality time to them.

If there is someone at your company or in your organization with the capacity to manage your online resources, they can provide oversight to and collaboration with an SEO expert. If you hire well, the SEO expert won’t need much oversight.

2. Stop Spending Money to Hire Cheap Short Term Fixers

Most small businesses, and many large corporations, either never allocate resources in their budget for online growth services or do not allocate enough for the potential return on investment (ROI). What other area of our lives do we not invest any time, effort, or resources and expect results? You get the idea. Minimal resources invested lead to minimal results garnered.


3. View SEO and Digital Marketing Like You View Ordinary Business Expenses

Consider how much you are spending as part of your normal course of business. Consider also that your website and integrated digital “portals” to your business (social media, sources backlinked to your site, Google MyBusiness page, site directory listings for your niche) are the most viewed, trafficked and visited part of your business. And they are frequently neglected. When they underperform they hurt your revenue growth. If the window on your storefront were shattered, would you leave it broken, or fix it? In 2021, your website is your storefront. It takes a shift in perspective, and action that manifests from this new perspective.

4. Watch Out for Promises Being Made: Do Your Due Diligence

When I get the phone call, often the folks on the other side of the phone are frustrated, despondent, and in some cases, desperate. They have been burned, cheated, or received big promises with no results. We all have experienced these things since the advent of a new online world, rest assured. But you can’t let the past stop you from what will remain the unyielding reality from now to the rest of our lives: the majority of commerce is being done, and going to be done, on the internet.

But you can help yourself by checking even a little background on the SEO pro prior to hiring. Look at their reviews—read what their previous clients wrote. don’t let it get to that crisis point. Make sure they can explain in a clear way what services they deliver, and are able to thoughtfully answer questions you may have.

Andrew Berz SEO Services are here to help, as are many other very talented and honest SEO experts who care about the growth and success of your business or organization. For more information about our services, click here, or feel free to contact us.

There is no such thing as “crisis SEO”. SEO is an ongoing, disciplined activity for your growth and increased revenue that is based upon concrete, real-world principles. So wherever possible, try to be proactive and not let it get to the point where you need a pep talk. But if you need a pep talk, we can probably help with that too.