How Can You Find The Right SEO Company In California?

How to Max Out the Quality of Your SEO Services in California

The Golden State, my home state by birth and one of the complex loves of my life, is a vast and varied marketplace. Digitally, it is both vast and varied as well.

While many choose to divide the state into north and south, we can look at major sports teams as a metaphor. California is not just Dodgers versus Giants, Rams versus 49ers—there are the Padres in San Diego, the Oakland A’s, the Angels (in Anaheim), and more. Like the major sports landscape, the digital marketing landscape is not definable by North and South.

What Must an SEO Expert Providing SEO Services in California Understand?

There is not a one-size fits all approach. The same can be said for SEO services in New York, Texas, Florida, Massachusetts, and most states nationwide. These are states in which we find many of our clients are located, and as a result we have learned a great deal about the various markets.

There are major population centers, from San Jose to San Diego, and small towns, mid-sized towns, and tiny towns. The questions you may want to ask, and questions an SEO expert working on your project should be ready to answer include:

  • What kind of SEO campaign do you want to run? Local, regional, statewide, or national?
  • If you want to focus the visibility of your company for SEO results in California, what are the target markets you want to find you?
  • What is a realistic assessment, based upon the resources you have available, to competing for organic search traffic (new customers and leads that convert to paying customers and new revenue) in California?
  • Are there ways through impactful SEO you can gain traction and increase your search engine rankings without going after the highest costing keywords/search words?

How Do I know My SEO Provider Understands the Digital Landscape for my California SEO campaign?

You want to always make sure your SEO expert or SEO service provider understands the landscape, at least generally, of the digital world in California, and the difference between local, regional and statewide SEO campaigns. A great campaign should strategically target the specific outreach you are looking to make.

SEO services needed for the market in Modesto or Eureka are not the same as SEO service needs in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for an SEO expert for your business in San Diego, make sure the SEO expert has some understanding of your competitors in the San Diego market, which will really help you get to your goals faster. How? Because we can determine the keywords your competitors are paying to rank for, and see how we can help you work within the competitive landscape and, when it is formidable, go beyond it.

They should have a sense of how to extend your SEO market from San Diego proper a bit north, and see if you can capture the Southern Coastal market, or the areas south of Los Angeles. This can make the difference between a successful San Diego County-oriented campaign and a loser with little visibility.

A great SEO expert in California should, at a minimum, provide you the following:

  • a website audit
  • a competitive analysis of several of your California or local/regional competitors, specifically targeted to the area you are targeting in your campaign. Don’t forget that SEO can be local, regional, national, statewide, or have multiple targeted states.
  • presenting you with the information in a clear, concise way that is easy to understand.
  • listening carefully to your vision and help take you the next steps to help you achieve it
  • provide demonstrable results so you can measure their value

The State of California has one of the world’s largest economies. Despite all of its problems, it remains a land of digital opportunity. Make sure you hire an SEO provider who understands this. While you don’t need specifically to find a California-based SEO expert, some experience with the market you are in within the California boundaries is a huge plus.