How To Get Top Customer Service From Your Expert SEO Service Provider

Expect Personalized, Great Customer Service

If you have never tried SEO to grow your business online, you may think that different rules apply to what you should expect from SEO service providers in terms of customer service. But there are no different rules. You should have very high standards for customer service.

From an SEO provider, you should expect even better service than you find at any local grocer, at the gas station, or from a bank teller, because SEO is often confusing and hard to understand. And you are spending your resources to get results.

Hopefully you haven’t become accustomed to waiting endlessly on hold. or not getting the answer to a question that is urgent for you.

Some Suggestions for You, In Detail:

  • Make sure your SEO service provider is available when you need them to be, based upon your schedule, not theirs.

It will be endlessly frustrating if the SEO service provider is not available when you have time to get updates or need an explanation of a particular detail or point.

This can be addressed early. For example, first ask them their schedule. Then, if they don’t work weekends, and you prefer them to do so, choose someone who works weekends. Andrew Berz SEO Services is a 7 -day a week operation, we are reachable by phone, text, email, including the owner.

If Saturday is the day you have free and want to be updated on the status of your SEO campaign, do not select an SEO provider who is not available to help you or speak to you on Saturday. If Tuesday is your free day, the same applies. You are the one paying the bills! At Andrew Berz SEO Services, we make ourselves available to our clients by phone, text, or email (client choice) seven (7) days per week!

  • Choose an SEO provider who uses your preferred method of communication (email, telephone, text, carrier pony, E.S.P), and communicates as frequently or as infrequently as you need.

If you need frequent communication, agree to some parameters that you feel good about in advance. You are the client, but obviously SEO providers are people and have families, so be reasonable. But if you get the vibe (a measurable vibe where they tell you their availability) that the SEO provider is not going to be communicating to the extent you wish, choose someone else. At Andrew Berz SEO Services we communicate using all forms of communication, including Zoom, Facetime, Google, and other online tele-meet methods. We text, call, email. Whatever you prefer.

  • Make sure they provide the basics of SEO success as a starting point.

Find out what services they provide. If they do off-site SEO and don’t audit your website, there is a problem. Keyword campaigns without the basis or data to back-up the keyword suggestions is an issue. The basics of SEO include:

  1. Full comprehensive SEO audit of your website, with accompanying analysis and recommendations
  2. Technical SEO, to address performance issues on your site
  3. Onsite or On-Page SEO, to address content, styling, layout, site structure, and elements hurting your UX (user experience)
  4. Offsite / Off-Page SEO / White Hat SEO
  5. High quality organic backlinks, not spammy ones that could get your website in trouble or lower your site’s authority
  6. Keyword Campaigns to Get Your Website Ranked as High As Possible on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

  • Have them explain how they do what they do in an easy-to-understand way.

If they can’t tell you what they are doing, how they are doing it with as much or as little detail as you want, choose someone else.

These “Fabulous Four” recommendations for customer service parameters for SEO will go far in getting you setup with the right fit for online growth. If you read some of the reviews of Andrew Berz SEO Service on Google, or on, you can get a sense if we might be the right fit for you in terms of customer service. You can see whether our former and present clients feel that we offer top client service. Many SEO providers have great technical expertise, and others do offer excellent customer service. Finding these two pillars in one provider may be a heavy lift. But if you are seeking an SEO expert with both, consider Andrew Berz SEO Services as a choice to grow your customer and client base for your business or company online.