Recently I gave a webinar to professionals in the mental health industry about how to grow their practice online. I included a section on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as many were not informed as to the meaning or significance of SEO, but had heard loosely of the term.

Rather than focus on any sort of detailed information about SEO audits, SEO analysis, or the meaning of technical SEO, onsite SEO, or offsite (“white hat”) SEO, (which you can learn about by clicking here), I spoke more conceptually about how to grow their practice online, the importance of a great website, and then I focused on a surprising topics. The subject got an unpredictably high level of positive feedback and interaction. The topic was money.

The title of the slide was “Money”. That may have caught some of the early sleep-deprived counselors off-guard on a Saturday morning, but ultimately, this was one of the most important parts of the 90-minute webinar, and perhaps it helped clarify things for those in attendance.

I started with the usual straight-talk. Namely, that you have to spend money on this stuff. It has to be part of your business budget, like stationary and printing costs used to be, like the cell phone bill, like the administrative help you may pay for. Website-related services, with SEO being the leader, need to be part of your budget and planning. They are essential costs. It is time for all of us to acknowledge it and accept it.

But why pay for something which has never “proved” necessary to you? I have been there. It is hard for those who have been successful without a great website or SEO services, i.e. who “never made money online” to see why investing in an online business or service makes sense. If people have traditionally been successful without it, convincing them that it is important to have a modern, user-friendly, optimized website is not easy. Frankly, if they don’t need it, why even have it?

Later we will focus on what makes for a poor website, but one principal characteristic of a bad website is that it is not optimized. In other words, a bad website that is underperforming and not bringing you new clients or revenue.

If you invest in your business, you try to do so wisely. But we all know from experience that just because we haven’t profited from something yet doesn’t mean if we invest in it, it can bring growth and revenue. The lack of trying doesn’t keany conclusion.

Andrew Berz SEO Services is for both those wanting to try this for the first time, and those who have tried SEO but maybe dealt with someone who didn’t really know what they were doing, or you couldn’t connect with, or who made promises they didn’t keep. Contact us for a free consultation and I can guarantee you this will be the first of many wise investments you will make, whether you choose to work with us or someone else. We are fine with either result, as long as we are adding value for you in some way. That’s why we do this work.