The California SEO Company that California Businesses Count On

For those of you with businesses, organizations, and services with websites who are based in California, our SEO company in California can help you improve your online visibility to an extent you have only imagined. Recent years have shown us that it is not enough to have a top performing website—any serious business or organization needs an expert SEO company to improve its online visibility and reach new clients.

If you are seeking a certified SEO expert in California who provides a 100% guarantee for our services or your money back, look no further. A free phone consultation will be very valuable for you, no selling or commitment required. We are just looking for how we can help, regardless of who you choose to work with. Check out some of our Pricing Packages to get a sense of what we are all about!

Andrew Berz SEO Services, California will help your website gain high-quality organic traction that converts into revenue, visibility, and online business growth.

We are California’s expert SEO company that optimizes your website for the performance you desire and bring you a larger market share, helping you compete and be successful in new ways.

What our SEO Company in California Does for You

On-Page SEO

Your digital face to millions of people is your website, 24 hours every day. Its growth and development will be professionally and expertly handled by our SEO company in California. Whether you are a small business, a service provider or institution, a growing company, or a large corporation or organization, we optimize your website to make your website easily searchable and get it to rank at the top of the search engines result pages (SERP) like on Google and other major search engines. Our on-page (aka “on-site”) services will change the game for your site and bring results you seek. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you don’t see results.

Off-Site SEO

Our off-site strategies and work is essential for your online growth. We engineer data-driven strategies to improve the authority of your website over third-party websites and across the web. We build trust for your business or organization and grow its market share through the work we do. We build organic backlinks to your site daily, and our off-page SEO strategies provide ongoing returns over a long period of time while encouraging more organic and relevant users to visit your website in both the short and long term. And we report weekly to you on our progress.

Technical SEO

As the name suggests, this type of SEO has more to do with technical work on our part, in making your website SEO-friendly. The crawling and indexing errors found on nearly all websites actually hurt your performance and negatively impact your website visitors. We identify and fix these problems to make it a seamless experience for users and search engine “bots” who are looking for a clean site as well. Andrew Berz SEO Services does this work at the “back end” or the “developmental end” of your site.

From fixing the website architecture, URL structure, removing duplicate content, optimizing page speed to creating canonicals, removing redundant links and more, we immediately work on 50 ongoing technical areas as part of our work on your site. Andrew Berz SEO Services, California, without needing any of your valuable time, will have your website running smoothly without any technical glitches.

Keyword Campaigns

As one of the principal strategic and impactful SEO actions, our team conducts thorough competitor analysis and keyword planning to create a list of keywords that are relevant to your business, service, industry, and your target prospective client market. We optimize websites, create top-quality relevant content, blogs, articles, meta tags, etc.

We do all this and more to lay down the foundation of your SEO campaign with us. The results are not overnight (careful of promises made related to SEO for “immediate results”—it’s a lot of work to make these things happen… but we ensure that your website steadily moves up page by page in real time, increasing rankings for maximum keywords specifically related to what you do at the top of the Google and other major search engines.