Florida’s Preferred SEO Company

Don’t fall into the morass of confusion when considering trying SEO services. Work with an SEO expert who makes it easy, is able to quickly digest your business or service’s goals, intentions, and the market in which you operate and knows how to fix your website and get you new client and customer prospects. We are real world operators who have a demonstrated track record of success—we don’t need much explanation; we don’t live outside the real world of business and what you need to grow.

As Florida’s preferred SEO company, we’ll help you increase the ranking of your website on Google and other major search engines with our cutting-edge SEO services and marketing techniques. We are a leading SEO company, with better communication skills and customer service than any local SEO agency, offering a wide range of SEO services including technical SEO, on-page, off-page, white hat, SEO audit, etc.

We offer a 100% money back guarantee and are thrilled when we make our clients happy and we help them achieve the results they seek. We take it personally. Let our SEO services in Florida get your website in front of real new future clients and customers; let a true SEO expert with the real world chops give you that edge to rank higher on the search engines as your prospective customers and clients seek what you have to offer. As our local SEO helps get business from Florida, our wider SEO efforts bring you regional, national and global business. We do it all.

What Our SEO Company in Florida Does for You

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO focuses on your existing website/web page/applications. With a set of keywords, we optimize you website to be found easily by those who seek what you have to offer. The result is increased traffic to your website for clients specifically searching for your services or products, and higher ranking on search engines like Google and Yahoo. If you get the technical talk, we’d put it this way— we fix “the front end” of your website to make it more visible to search engine bots and your prospective clients. We focus on improving your design, site flow, functionality, and fix all issues related to your site’s performance. Our SEO company in Florida takes care of a full array of onsite SEO to lay a solid foundation for off-page SEO and for Google and other search engines to want to point clients to you.

Off-Site SEO (aka “Off-Page SEO)

Off-Site SEO or Off-Page SEO is the set of activities that focus on things outside your website. The purpose of this aspect of SEO is to grant better visibility to your website so that the people looking for what you have to offer can reach you faster and more easily.

The ultimate aim is to push the ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages) higher and also to increase the authority of your website and its pages within Google and major search engines. That helps retain the high ranking for a longer time period.

Our seasoned team helps you achieve your visibility goals through a host of activities, in a methodical, organized fashion. For a full list of our scope of services, simply contact us.

Technical SEO

As important as the front end of a website (what the visitor sees) is the development end or back end (what the visitors don’t see). What if your website looks good to you but doesn’t to your visitor, or through developmental problems you can’t fix, frustrates your user? This is the search engine kiss of death, and can only be fixed through technical SEO and using an SEO expert in Florida.

Andrew Berz SEO Company, Florida helps you in this regard; aside from getting the website ranked as high as possible, our SEO team also makes sure that it offers a great user experience.

We fix your website’s technical SEO, completing over 50 developmental tasks like Schema markups, geotags and meta tags, site indexing, and more, making critically important developmental improvements that can turn your website’s user experience and your quickly boost your visibility and page rankings on search engines.

Keyword Campaigns

There is nothing new about SEO services in Florida running keyword campaigns. Many companies and individuals try to do it. The difference in how well we do it, and the results we are able to guarantee.

We keep abreast with the latest that the search engines have to prescribe in terms of keywords and keyword campaigns. We do deep analytic research on keywords that are appropriate for organic searches for what you offer, and let the data, and a close collaboration with you, drive those decisions. And we engineer your site in a new way to increase your rankings on Google and othre search engines by offering the best keyword campaigns available. As we do it, you can see it with your own eyes, and measure it in real time with weekly progress reports and on-demand updates.