The Most Reliable SEO Company in Texas

Andrew Berz SEO Services works extremely hard and provides top quality client service, personalized and professional, to help you take your Texas business, service, or organization to the next level. Our search engine optimization agency in Texas has helped small and large businesses and service providers get more visibility on search engines both locally and globally, if they desire an international reach.

SEO may, at first, sound like an “extra” or “unnecessary” to traditional businesses like, say a grocery store, or a local café for whom a website just added brand value. But the truth is that as the world gets increasingly digital, businesses need more visibility on the web to stay relevant, and the majority of businesses are now conducting at least part of their indirect and direct revenue-generating activities online. Why on the web? Because your customers are on the web, all day, all night, doing their shopping, browsing and considering where to invest their resources.

With the immense entrepreneurial boom that Texas sees today, it is not only important to stay relevant, but also to stand out in the crowd. A seasoned SEO company like ours helps Texas businesses and other providers grow online in ways they never thought possible. All with real results, or your money back.

What our SEO Company in Texas Does for You

On-Page (On-Site) SEO

Just as the name suggests, on-page SEO aims at optimizing your website and webpages for a select set of keywords that are focused on what you are offering, and what people are organically searching for. The idea is to increase the ranking of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in order to drive organic traffic directly to you. We map your site strategically and design it as well, creating fresh content to achieve these goals. And we are SEO pros—so there is no guessing, and you can see results in weekly reports or on the web itself.

Our search engine optimization company offers this service for no extra cost; then we move on to off-page (off-site) SEO.

Off-Site SEO

Also known as Off-Page SEO, the focus of our efforts is outside of your website, in the digital universe within which the site exists.. The aim is to make the website and other digital assets more visible to those seeking your offerings. This ultimately pushes you up the search engine results pages (SERPs) and increases targeted traffic to your site. This also aims at increasing your “authority” over the search engines and the web over a sustained time period, creating a return on investment that continues well beyond when we finish our work.

Technical SEO

Berz SEO Technical SEO work occurs on the developmental (“back”) end of your website.. Your website may have poor technical structure and or design elements that, even without you knowing it, can kill a user experience. The result? You fall down in search rankings without even knowing why.

Andrew Berz SEO Company, Texas is a client-focused, technically skilled company that offers a 100% guarantee or your money back. Compare us to others, and you will find within a short time that our customer service alone is so exceptional you will be hooked!

Keyword Campaigns

A major component of our SEO services in Texas are to design, execute, and manage keyword campaigns for your services or products. We’re adept at conducting data analysis to pick the best keywords in your domain/industry/geography, so we can devise content that drives local, regional, national, or international traffic and helps your search engine rankings climb and climb. With metrics and analytics you can actually see the progress over the time, and we offer a platform to view our work daily if you prefer.

Try a free phone or zoom consultation. We promise not to waste your time. Your time is valuable, and ours is too, so understanding this means we focus exclusively on you and your goals.