Social Media Marketing and Management (SMM)

Social media, if done properly or in some cases, not done at all, is a critical part of a strategy to increase sales and grow revenue.  We provide all related social media services, including executing social media advertising campaigns and managing social media for our clients.

Do I need to do social media marketing to be successful?

Absolutely not.  Many companies with whom we work have been successful without having any social media presence.  In some cases, a focus on social media can also be a drain on resources, time, and a misplaced focused of your attention.  In other cases, social media can be the single driving force for your sales and growth.  At Berz Digital Marketing Services, we can help you answer this question in a single, free consultation.

Do you have any tips for me getting started on social media?

Yes! Our number one tip is: If you can’t do it well, don’t do it at all.  If the goal is to market your products and service for maximum results, there is no point in investing precious time and resources in something that won’t get you there.  Don’t create an Instagram page if it is going to be sloppy or shabby.  Ask for honest opinions from your friends and family.  If they hate it, there is a good chance you need to try a different approach.

The good news is there are a plethora of free tutorials and blogs to help you learn how to create something special on social media.  It is well worth it to take advantage of the learning available online.

How quickly will I see results if I market on social media?

If you read the earlier FAQs, you will see that there are many factors which lead to getting results in social media marketing.    It obviously begins with your current state of affairs.  How does your page perform now?  Are you monetizing your social media accounts currently?  What is your timeline?  Long term goals? Short term goals?  Speed of results results from a lot of factors.

How should I get started with Social Media Marketing?

  • Set Your Goals
  • Create Metrics for Measuring Your Goals
  • Measure and Monitor how you are performing at each phase of your campaign.
  • Tweak, Adapt, and Correct Errors as you move forward

Do you Work with Influencers?

Yes, absolutely. If you have a product or service for which an influencer can make a difference in your bottom line, all the better.

Tying social media influencers to affiliate programs is a very smart call if you can create a win-win.  Not all influencers want to openly sell your products, but there are ways to great great revenue-generating techniques that benefit all interested parties.   The cost of paying influencers should be considered as you budget, with exceptions for those who do not wish to be paid but look for other consideration for promoting or trying your product.

What Is the Cost for Your Social Media Influencer-Based Services?

The rate depends upon the specific scope of the work with influencers you are seeking.  There are different ways to charge based upon specific metrics. We can work with you on a scope that works for your goals and budget.

Is there a Smart Strategy for Getting Influencers to Market or Sell Your Product?

Yes, and it very much depends upon your niche, industry, who the influencers are and what the may charge for their support, review or promotion of a product you provide.  We call it an “influencer audit”.

But it always starts with you…is your website and product sales channels ready for new traffic?  Is your digital marketing footprint representative of a product or service that an influencer would want to associate with?


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