Web Design for SEO Clients

If you have a website that isn’t optimized in 2022, your site simply won’t be “found”. Many business owners can’t understand why they are seeing less leads and conversions in 2022.  Some of this is the result of the recent Google updates in and throughout late 2021.  The rules of the game of online search have changed, and will continue to change.  Your SEO provider should know this and be able to explain it to you.

We only provide our top-quality web design service to our SEO clients, as 99.9% of sites are either not optimized or not properly optimized. Our rate includes ongoing website maintenance and edits and continuing SEO improvements.

If you have a Shopify or e-commerce site, we do not do daily product management, i.e. switching out products, updating product information or SKU numbers, this sort of thing.  We can help with your training, but this is a staff function.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQS